Public Assembly/ Protest

Public Assembly/ Protest

Sue Basko has a strong commitment to First Amendment Public Assembly and peaceful protest.  She  has helped many protest planners, organizers, and protesters to understand their rights and responsibilities.

Sue has been consulted by a major international human rights organization with over 50 member nations that monitors public assemblies worldwide.  Sue also was recently invited to participate in the OSCE ODHIR meetings in Vienna, Austria, on Freedoms of Assembly and Association and of Use of New Technologies in promoting those freedoms.  At the sessions, Sue advanced proposals for international legislation regarding the use of cellphone, cell phone and other cameras, and wifi at protests.  Her legislative recommendations were adopted and put into the recommendations sent to the 60+ participating nations to help them form their own legislation promoting use of technology at protests.

Sue views protests as events, with the same needs for planning the space usage, getting permits (when needed), planning sound, promoting, publicizing, and ensuring safety.  However, she sees protests as especially important events because they are part of the Constitutionally- given First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly.

Most websites that talk about the legalities of protest seem to be written for other lawyers.  Sue writes her Occupy Peace blog for protesters.

Please see Occupy Peace, her blog for peaceful protest: